About Me

Brijit Dighe

Art of Living Teacher – Silence Retreat, Happiness Program, DSN, Sahaj, YLTP

Brijit……Journey Inward…. to Nowhere!
My journey inwards or Spiritaual quest started when I met Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji in Feb 1993 when I alongwith my friends came for Advance Course at Bangalore Ashram. At the very instant something clicked in me….that He is my Master, the Guide….!    Immediately in May 1993 I came back again to do Teacher Training…..to become instrument of the Master.
From that time onwards….Life has become deeper mystery. And as I dig deeper…..the Life’s mystery is getting more & more interesting….leaving me wonderstuck!  I realised that the Goal is not to reach somewhere….. but Walking on the Path …..itself brings completeness!  Most of the time our life is focussed on things that keep changing or perish, we seldom ever think abt a point inside our Core…..which never changes.  With Sri Sri, as I started focussing more & more on that Changeless Reality…… Negativity disappeared. Events stopped bothering!  Today I teach various programs like Happiness, DSN, Part2, Sahaj, YLTP, etc….I m feeling more & more grateful to Gurudev….that I got such a Divine opportunity to contribute!   If you allow me…..I want to share with u the same…..!   Enroll for the next opportunity!

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